Back On The Island!

My life has taken so many turns in the past three months that I really have no clue as to where to begin!

Let’s start things off with choices I have made that have really made some sense to me. Here’s the catch, not many! This thing people call life is such a mystery.¬†One minute I could be in front of a Buffalo that is ten times my size, and the next I could be lying down under the starts witnessing a meteor shower. It’s funny how it all comes together with all the things in between that make little sense to those who are just merely passing by (this is with regards to the people who choose to live life unconsciously). I am a victim of it, I get in my head and get stuck but what has been the key factor in pulling me out is my endless ability to travel! Seeing something I have never seen before is what intrigues me and keeps me continuously moving forward.

I’m sure my friends and family are wondering where I am most of the time, but hey, we have one life right? Are you wasting it? Are you in the back of your mind telling your forefront that you want to do something but the fear of other peoples opinions, the worries of loved ones, the judgement of those close to you, is this all holding you back?

If there is anything I have learned in the last three months it’s that we as human beings can fly, and I don’t mean to go jump off a perch of some serious elevation and hope for our angel wings to glide us down to safety. What I am talking about here is our ability to make choices. Those choices can be forever encompassing the voice in the back of our minds telling us to follow and surrender to it. The motion you will experience will be effortless.

The big trick here is taking that fear and looking it right in the eye, now I know this almost sounds cliche but when I say this I am talking about determining in your own mind what all the consequences are, and then asking yourself a couple questions, is it worth it? Could I live with it? The answers are probably both yes, and those experiences that we deprive ourselves from, well that has been a great lesson for me; take the jump!

Take care of yourselves please!

(ps. I’ll be back soon.)