British Columbia’s Capital City

What a place! I have spent weeks in Victoria at a time, with my bug! Now this can be a long story, or a short story as getting my baby there took patience, persistence, aggression, and a calm mind all at the same time. I have worked as a landscaper, tree planter, and have always been a passionate horticulturist. With the help of family connections I was able to get some part time work which ended up paying for the mechanical issues I came across during my travels to Victoria (this leads to a long story, I am no mechanic)… The company I worked for during my stay truly kept me sane, hedge trimming and tree trimming that had to be perfect kept me on my toes and focused enough to get back on track and enjoy my stay. Tree shaping specifically I believe is an art form, and if you know me at all; I absolutely love art. If I hadn’t had the opportunity and the connections to work with a few arborists in my past I would have probably ended up maxing out a credit card or doing some grimy part-time work to fix my bug…

I am grateful that I know how to use a pair of clippers! 

After the commotion died down and my vehicle was back in working order, I ended up doing a road trip up to Tofino; a northern tourist attraction on the island. Now Victoria definitely does take the cake for me when it comes to sight seeing, but that is because I love a mountain peak and the ability to look over a city. I bathe in the lights that illuminate from homes and local business’s. The sights in Tofino were much different, I am a true sightseer and the ability to look far and wide over the ocean surface kept me captivated.

Do you love the ocean? I highly recommend The West Coast if you do. Water has always kept me in-tune with my surroundings, how? Perhaps the constant motion, but on the same level the stillness of a lake, river, or pond keeps me relaxed and curious. I think day moons play a part in this as well, if there is one specific sight that truly keeps me calm yet exhilarated, it is a day moon. All of these things I experienced during my stay on Vancouver Island, to be honest with everyone who chooses to follow my quaint, random, silly little traveling blogI live for sight seeing.