Canada Eh?

They don’t really speak like crazy people, I know! I was shocked too!

All jokes aside, what a beautiful place! Wildlife, rivers, lakes, ocean shores, mountains, forests, tough terrain, light terrain, smooth terrain, and pretty much anything you can think of! I honestly think Canada is one of the most beautiful places I have ever traveled to. British Columbia, Manitoba, Calgary, Ontario, Montreal; everywhere I just listed I promise you, you can find a very unique joy! 

Years ago I spent some time on a farm in Winnipeg, what an amazing place! Flatland, farmland, and incredibly friendly people. Manitoba I believe doesn’t get the credit it deserves, nor do the people; they endure a lot! Have you heard of their winters? Absolutely crazy, snow up to your waist (so I’ve heard). Thankfully during my stay it was mid spring and there was no snow, it wasn’t very warm but we sure didn’t encounter a blizzard like some would assume. I ended up staying with a women named Dora, I found her on a local housing list on the web (sort of like a bed and breakfast). Fantastic hospitality and if I can make any recommendations to those who desire to travel to Canada on a motorcycle, in an motor home, or in a vehicle that can withstand the change in terrain; check out Winnipeg for guaranteed satisfaction.

Now that may sound plane and questionable… Though I want to make note of something I believe is very important. If you are a true traveler, if you are someone who finds joy in seeing new sights and exploring the world we have beneath our feet; anywhere you go should be golden. 

We have the ability to imagine! That means whether we’re stuck in traffic in Calgary or stuck in line at a coffee shop in France, the beauty is there right in front of us! We must remain open to any and all forms of beauty as with the intent to see new sights us travelers are in it for the experience. The experience is what matters, and that means making the most out of the moment. I sort of changed directions with my writing here but I believe this is important.

Manitoba, Germany, Thailand, The United States, where ever you are or want to go make sure to be in it for the experience. Expectations take away from the experience as we can’t predict the future; if we remain open to the experience, amazing things can happen! 


Take care of yourself please, 



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