Do you ever CRAVE excitement?

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about roller coasters and theme parks. To be brutally honest with each and every one of you, the only relating I have with roller coasters is the word in past reference. What do I mean by this? Simply, my life has been a roller coaster!

Not in a bad way! I hope you continue reading even though I made the beginning a little dramatic…

Life has just tossed me so many curve balls, and I am thankful the majority of them have been under-hands! I’ve been able to hit the bulk of those curve balls the universe has thrown my way, but I have struck out multiple times. On a note that is a little bit more positive, the reason why I got behind my laptop today and started writing was because I have had this constant thinking trend of the desire to travel to a theme park. I wanted to put this out there mainly because I had to tell somebody and recently I haven’t had to many personal conversations… The other reason was a side note and that was I thought maybe some of you have traveled to theme parks around the world and would like to share your experience here on my website!

I won’t have this offer up forever, I like my original words and like I said above, I don’t always have someone to talk to so I like to write to you guys instead. You are all very important to me! Though you know that level of intimacy you have with a loved one? I miss that.

That’s all for now, if you would like to share your experience as I would love to hear it!

Please contact me here.