Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

Not entirely sure where you are, but I hope your day is turning out exactly how you saw it in your mind! Are you a planner? Or are you a spontaneous traveler like myself? I can’t for the life of me sit in one spot, I just can’t do it! 

I would first like to welcome you all to my new site and begin by saying that I will be sharing numerous travel stories, local, far, and beyond! This “beyond” part leaves room for all the rascal activities that took place. Yes, you’ll be hearing embarrassing stories that I no longer feel the need to hide, also educational experiences that you yourself can learn from. You learn so much on the road, not needing to be anywhere but there, can you relate? Let me know! I have dozens of photo albums that have been collecting dust, it might be just about time to break one or two of them out and reminisce as I almost have tears coming out of my eyes writing this. So many incredible experiences that really changed my perspective on reality. Peru, Germany, France, and Canada, wow! That was like a nostalgic shot pumped into my being; I feel fantastic.

This gives you an idea as to what I am about, but if you haven’t already done so please visit my about page!

Going to go for a swim in a near by lake, it’s cold and I have a feeling some wine and snacks of various sorts will be packed in my knapsack.

I will be back soon, should we start things off with Canada? Or should we dive straight into Germany? Let me know!

Take care of yourself please,