I wanted to share this separately!

Last time I wrote to you guys I created the question as to where I am staying, now hopefully I created some curiosity!

The thing about my new residence is it isn’t exactly permanent… By this I mean I’m not stuck in one place! 

I made a very well thought out decision to purchase a boat! This hasn’t ever really been a continuously though roaming around my brain until recently. I haven’t lived on this vessel for long, and I am not entirely sure as to what kind of future it will lead me to. What I do know is that I have done a lot of research, and I am very thankful for purchasing an aluminum boat, I have heard nothing but upkeep and upkeep with fiberglass and other materials…

This has been the next real chapter in my life. I have plans to travel to the other islands around where I am currently living. Victoria is beautiful, and there is so much to do and see here, I have an amazing job, I spend time with incredible human beings on a regular basis, there really isn’t anything else I could ask for. 

Something inside me ticks when I think of all the places I still haven’t seen, or been; that is why I am unsure as to where this current adventure will take me. Owning a boat (or a vessel like I call it), is a lot of work, but thankfully I have had the oracle (Google) teach me a thing or to. I also work with a number of fisherman who gave me numerous tips with upkeep and maintenance to my home. I could not be any happier! Owning a boat was never a serious thing for me, but now I see it as the only practical thing for me! 

I am a traveler at heart, and my new home may not be the prettiest on the outside, but it sure as hell is getting prettied up on the inside! I am truly making this place feel like home, on every given day. I do Yoga in the morning without any issues, where I am docked I can use the on site showers every day free of charge, and I have it timed so that I arrive before anyone has dirtied the place up! This is a new dream come true, and one the best parts about it is I got a wicked deal on my vessel so there was no loan required, and I pay the cheapest rent around!

I hope this was worth the wait, I know it’s not major to some but to me this is huge. This has created so many new doors for me to open, or I may sail to the next island and create some new doors to walk through, we’ll see what happens!

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