Know Your Allergies!

I spent a number of weeks in Mexico one year for holidays, this place is absolutely beautiful and I recommend it to everyone. Though I highly recommend figuring out if you are going to have any allergic reactions to the things in the water! How to do this? Book an appointment with your doctor and explain how you plan on going travelling but have heard stories of people having allergic reactions to the waters of different locations. Depending on where you are travelling he or she will be able to give you a lot more information on your next steps.

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So what I expected from myself and what I got were two different things… Los Cabos is a beautiful place, if Mexico interests you at all; I highly recommend looking into Los Cabos for a vacation. What I got from my body during my stay was a huge surprise to me. I have always trusted my immune system and have had complete faith in it but during my stay in Los Cabos I was surprised to find that sometimes it’s out of your control when it comes to allergies.

If you plan on travelling I really want to emphasize knowing what you are allergic too. Me not knowing caused some serious scares in my own mind… I flared up like a strawberry after being in the water for only a half hour or so; my throat swelled to the point where it was nearly shut and the thoughts of life and death began running through my mind. How is this for a vacation?

  • Imagine
  • Plan
  • Believe

These three things play a key roll in my life, especially when I’m on the road. Not knowing what I was allergic too definitely didn’t pop into my mind before I left, this is why I want to go into a little bit about ‘planning your trip’.

Any adventure that you go on you should be ready for unexpected and uncontrollable circumstance. This means being able to apply key principles like patience, quick thinking, discipline, and honesty. Why did I list these principles? These are a few things that I have always had to apply when on the road somewhere or even at my ‘destination’. Honest with myself and those around me to create the most memorable experience. Being able to think fast on my feet during stressful situations that could have negative outcomes. For instance the one time when I was in Las Vegas and was confronted by a number of individuals who “wanted to get to know me.” This is a story for another time, but these principles are great to have jotted down somewhere for you to use as a reference point.

With regards to allergies, like I said above, just do your best to know what you are allergic too before you got out and explore too much. It could save your life. My medical bill wasn’t the nicest thing to look at but when I look back on the situation I think clearly about my plan for my trip.

Have a solid plan, but balance this with being optimistic and open; willing to go with the flow.