Polar Bear Swims And The Polar Bear Plunge!

I’ve heard so much about polar bear swims and polar bear plunge’s lately! I honestly can’t wait, this is something I do every year and I am more than excited to dip my damn near naked body into an ice cold body of water! Not sure where I will do it this year but I will be nothing but afraid the moment I undress. It takes a couple minutes, my feet are the warmest part of my body, not sure why but it has always been the case; so when I take my socks off and the bottom of my feet touch the surface of the earth, I know it’s time. The fear is weakened and my determination kicks in, it’s something I do every year! It’s a very unique thing, being so scared and then tapping into that inner source that comes from your heart, to your eyes, to the way you look at your target, and that thought that keeps floating “I must do this”.

Have You Ever Jumped In Ice Cold Water?

During the month of December I generally start with ice cold showers to help warm myself up to event. I was always taught this process when I was younger, “You can only control two things: Your preparation, and your performance.”

This has helped me a lot while traveling, being prepared before I hit the road is something I always emphasized and always talked lots about with the people I met traveling. If I give any knowledge to those who read my writings it’s to be prepared for any given situation, now I know, this is not possible. What I am saying is that you can and should be doing your best at all times, that way you have no regrets and you know at the end of the day all judgement can be set to the sidelines because you know deep down inside that you gave it all you got! Miyamoto Musashi once said “See what cannot be seen.”

If you have ever been intrigued by the Samurai or Martial Arts of any kind, I highly recommend looking at this quick read about Miyamoto Musashi.

Whoa, I changed topics there very quickly! Have you ever been interested in diving in ice cold water like a polar bear? If so, do it this year! It’s a fantastic opportunity to conquer fears of all kinds, I assure you that preparation isn’t of huge importance as the temperature difference is beyond ridiculous; though it may give you the courage knowing you practiced!


Practice makes perfect right?