Sobriety And Traveling

This article is meant to be a reminder; I’ve learned some very valuable lessons on the road and one of the biggest ones is ‘Know Your Limit’. Now I am choosing to write a little bit about safety as I have come across some unique individuals in my time traveling and you most certainly cannot trust everyone who decides to act friendly in front of you. 

Knowing your limit is crucial, so I am going to choose to emphasize it in this article. I have learned this lesson too many times to count as I am sure most of us have. When your travelling it can be a little bit different as you aren’t familiar with your surroundings and you don’t have that safety net that you most likely do at home. I like the video that I posted above, “Do as the locals do”. This is a very good tip, something I have utilized time and time again as I have in the past stood out like a green thumb. 

Not only is being too intoxicated to fully function dangerous but the next morning is totally ruined and the true experience of exploring becomes limited! This is most likely what we have experienced the most, thankfully more often than not when we choose to drink like bafoons we tend to have a loved one or two around us ensuring our safety (for the most part), and making sure we don’t cause too much of a ruckus. This being said, this article is meant to be a reminder for when you are alone travelling and having a good time in the pub or local club to be safe and remember that you want to get the most out of tomorrow! 

Have any tips you think I should include here? Let me know! I left out my stories as I really do not believe them to be appropriate for this blog.


See you all soon! <3