The Moon

So I talked a little bit about my journey to British Columbia’s Capital City recently, today I would like to share my thoughts on something a little different. It is early, or late, depending on how you want to look at it. Today I want to talk about the moon. A late evening and half a bottle of some chilled Pinot Gergio has led me to stare off into the sky, mesmerized by what some call “The Light In The Dark” or “The Essence Of The Night”.

The moon has truly changed who I am as a human being, I know to some this may sound crazy but how I feel about the moon I will always hold close to me, never forgetting what that bright light in the sky has done for me; mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.



Now like I said above, some may call me “crazy” as I truly believe that this light in the sky has opened my heart and opened my mind to a wide range of possibilities that I never saw until I started appreciating the light that the moon illuminates. Do you have something that works this kind of spiritual magic on you? Perhaps the sun? The majority of the population I find are intrigued by the sun, people love places like Mexico and Las Vegas, where ever the sun shines bright… Me personally, am a woman of the night. (Please do not twist my words here).

Why the night? To start things off I have grown passionate about that level of secrecy, mystery, and the unknown things that choose to wait until the sun goes down to show themselves; raccoons for instance. When I was younger I spent a lot of time roaming around the fields nearby, just drifting alone in the darkness, enjoying myself. Again, this may sound crazy to some but I felt at peace. I do this from time to time but as time has gone on my evening strolls have decreased immensely.

I believe the moon gives off just enough light to see the things around you if you are truly present, by present I mean if someone drops a book on the hardwood floor behind you and it makes a loud smack, you do not jump. The moon gives off a beautiful energy, and the night and darkness have so many secrets, a time where introverts choose to take their strolls, the raccoons play in the middle of side walks, the tide goes out and the ducks come out to feast. The moon illuminates just enough light for all this to be visible for those who choose to see.

Okay, I most certainly have been drinking; this post sounds a tad bit dark when I reread it. That is not my intentions! My intentions for this were to express how much I truly love the moon light. The way I worded the paragraphs above seem a little out of character for me, maybe I need to get some rest and touch on this in the morning… Or, I could continue! No, hold on, it’s best if I leave it be; I may come to revise, I do want my intentions to be clear here, this article was suppose to make you guys smile!

If you love the moon light, tell me about it if you’d like. During my travels around the world seeing the moon from all different angles, elevations, and with all the different backgrounds; unforgettable experiences.