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Traveling to Halifax, Nova Scotia

In early 2017, I read a history book about how Halifax was a base for the British during the America Revolution and was blown away by the history. I wanted to go see the famous Canadian city for myself to compare the historical descriptions of the streets to how it looks today.

This is the story of that travel…

When I arrived in Halifax, it was late 2017, and I just got back to my hometown the other day. In case you’ve wondered why I haven’t been blogging as frequently as I used to it’s because I’ve been traveling like mad. But I couldn’t have done it all by myself. One resource that was really helpful for me was Discover Halifax. It’s an amazing website with so much information for tourists like me. I was there to learn more about Canadian history, so I visited lots of museums and historical sites.

The main reason for me writing this post though is to tell my story. I won’t be reviewing any tourist attractions in Halifax, because that would be boring for me. I do have a few funny stories to share though. Might as well get to those now.

Funny Story in Halifax No.1

I wanted to check out the famous waterfront. I got to sail on a few different old sailing ships and that was fun. But things began to get funny, or bit scary, when a big storm came and we were still far out at sea. The reason why it was funny and scary at the same time is because when the storm came my first thought was, “Oh no, I paid a lot for this 2 day sailing trip and now we have to end early. I hope I get my money back!”

The captain of the ship said, “Don’t worry, we’ll be fine.”

That’s when I freaked out and stopped caring if I got my money back. I just wanted to go back to land. It turned out the storm wasn’t a big deal and we just rode it through, and all the sailors laughed at me for being so scared. So I guess this story was kind of embarrassing too.

Funny Story in Halifax No.2

Of course, I had to stay in a bunch of different hotels during my long stay in Halifax. My favorite one was one of the cheapest, surprisingly. The whole time I never spent more than $200 a night on hotels, accept for one night where I felt like treating myself because I had made some good money on the stock market the previous day.

I was expecting to pay maybe $600 for the fanciest hotel Halifax had to offer, but I ended up paying closer to $1200, and here’s why…

This is also embarrassing, because that night I had a lover over and we got a little too drunk. We started arguing and when they left I got even drunker. I got so drunk that I drank all the wine and beers in the fridge, but that’s not why that night was so expensive. When I realized there was no more drinks in the fridge, I kicked it out of frustration and something rattled inside. Before I could curse at my swollen toe, the fridge shut off, stopped working!

I was way too drunk and embarrassed to call the lobby clerks for help so I did what any wealthy coward would do and searched for an appliance repair company on my phone. I found Appliance Repair Halifax and they were a little confused when I told them not to make a scene when they came to fix the fridge because I didn’t want anyone in the hotel to learn of what I had done. It turned out it was kind of obvious what I had done when the appliance technician came through the lobby with all his tools. The clerk stopped him and he admitted that a guest had called him.

I paid a good penny to get that fridge fixed, and I guess it would’ve came off my bill anyways so no big deal. It was just funny to see all the clerks’ reactions when they saw me so drunk trying to apologize at the top of my lungs for breaking the fridge.


I won’t be going to Halifax again anytime in the next few decades at least. I really got my fill there because I stayed for so long. But to conclude I will say it’s now my favorite Canadian city. I’ve since visited Italy and Spain and don’t miss Halifax at all, but I do miss the feeling I had when I got to learn about how awesome Canadian history really is. Now I’m back on the Island yet again and it’s good to be back to work. I’ll say one more thing before I let you go though.

If you’re a history buff and don’t know much about Canadian history, then I recommend going to Halifax yourself to learn from the locals first hand. They’d love to share.

Thanks for reading.