Yes, back on the Island, and that means work.

I have been blessed to be able to find my way back to Beautiful, British Columbia, Canada. Sparking ideas coming from Duncan, Nanaimo, and Victoria. What I mean by this has been my chosen towns for the time being. I didn’t enjoy Duncan as much as I thought I would, it is called “The City Of Totems” and that has a real nice ring to it but I didn’t feel very at home there; so I moved on. My first hitch hiking journey to Nanaimo was nothing out of the ordinary, beautiful scenery and countless friendly people even at the intersections! Now this all sounds great right? Being able to travel continuously and not worry about the responsibilities that we struggle with on a day to day basis? I’ll say this now, my bank account is small and my attitude is impregnable! I desire to travel so I do it, money is merely an object to me, though I do need it. Thankfully I have been in constant contact with the owner of an irrigation company in Victoria. We met years ago on a trip through the Rocky Mountains, him with wife, and me with my bug! You may not know what my bug is, please ask!

Ironically I was in Nanaimo at the perfect time, sort of searching for employment and sort of looking for the coolest campground around… well the best of both worlds happened. I found myself in a grocery store next to one of the job sites that Irrigation Victoria has done the sprinkler system and turf installations for! I grab a tourist attraction flyer off the shelf and then I make quick work of phoning Joel. Next thing I know, I am being offered a position starting at twenty dollars an hour! This is with the start date being, “Just stop by when you get back to Victoria and we can get you trained up.”

How amazing is Canada anyways? Not only do you find people like this on a regular basis, but even if money is tight, you can find a campground that would blow a five-star hotel out of the water!

So now I have a job with an amazing irrigation service company being trained as a sprinkler technician to maintain, repair, and install irrigation lines, heads, and systems. This work is fantastic, it keeps me on my feet, I can wear green and look like a prancing little elf, and I have gotten some of my biggest pay cheques yet! Thank you Joel, and thank you Irrigation Victoria! Check these guys out!





Okay so you might be thinking “shes not got a job, things are looking up, but where is she staying?” Well that might be the very best part and I personally would like to leave that for another time… Truly, you’ll be impressed. What I would like to add is that Canada has done nothing but wonders for me, I have traveled throughout this country numerous times and I still have yet to experience more than I could ever imagine. Are you thinking of traveling to, or moving to Canada?

If so, I would love to hear why, when, and what kind of questions you have about the cities or people!

One thing specifically that the people of this country have that I haven’t seen all that much in others is friendliness, and honesty. I walked into the liquor store the other day, and someone deliberately ran in front of me to open and hold the door open, this young man was in his late teens! It is so nice to see a portion of the population being raised with mannerisms intact, that is something I have constantly appreciated during my travels here.

If I could give you two reasons to come to Canada it would be:

  1. The endless scenery, hiking trails, and wildlife.
  2. The beautiful human beings who inhabit this land.

Thank you so much for reading my words, I look forward to sharing with you where I’ve been living!